A Study on Multiple Diets Reveals Best Diet Plan

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Sixty nine percent of American adults are overweight or obese. One fourth of this percentage are people actively attempting to lose weight. Unfortunately, media advertising, friends, and online research leads to an enormous amount of weight loss diets. With so many to choose from, many Americans get overwhelmed before they even start the diet. Each diet claims to be the best, however, there has really not been any evidence to prove whether one diet works better than the other, until now. 

Which diet works best_studyWhich Diet Works Best

A review published by The Journal of the American Medical Association has compiled data that compares numerous popular diets to each other. This research may make it easier for weight loss activists to make healthy decisions regarding their weight loss plans. 

Among the hundreds of diets available, most of them work on the same principle; consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. This caloric deficit is the basis of most diet plans. The researchers behind the analysis took groups of people and assigned them to one particular diet focusing on three subcategories; low fat, low carb, and moderate macronutrients. All subcategory diets consisted of meal plans that decreased caloric intake. The control group had no diet. The groups were tracked over a six months period.

The results of the study showed that over a six month period the groups in the low carb diets generally lost the most weight. When the study was continued for a year, the results changedlow fat diets fared the best. Moderating macronutrients did not do better in either the 6-month or the yearlong study. 

The result of the study proved that regardless of the type of diet, weight loss was achieved to those who consistently stuck with it. It proved that dedication and discipline were the most important aspects to a successful diet and when sticking to a low caloric diet, regardless of which specific diet it is, it will lead to weight loss.