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BistroMD costs $130 if you choose the 5-day meal delivery plan, or $160 if you opt for the 7-day plan. Thankfully, Bistro MD coupons are available every month of the year.

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BistroMD Reviews  - Michael and Lydia


Although there are varying results in terms of BistroMD reviews featured on Yelp, there are a number of people that find the food delivery service as exception and the team was even able to receive several five star ratings from a number of Yelp users. One of which is Michael L.

Michael gave BistroMD a five star rating. He noted that aside from great tasting food, which he highly recommends, the cost of food is also a big plus. Michael spends an average of USD 200 per week on food excluding snacks. He says that he spends an average of $45 per day on main meals alone.

BistroMD cost averages at USD 26 per day. And if you avail the Bistro MD coupon codes that you can find in sites like and RetailMeNot, the meals cost even less. As compared to Michael's daily spend of $45, the deal seems to be quite attractive. But its not only the price of the meals that Michael appreciates with this food delivery service company.

With BistroMD, Michael gets to enjoy restaurant quality meals that are portion controlled. The program is a great way to teach dieters on how to control food portions and the right amount of food per meal. Studies have found that when you divide your meals into small portions you will eat less and lose weight.


Lydia P is a BistroMD success story. With BistroMD Weight Loss Program, she was able to lose a remarkable 70 pounds! She finds Bistro MD meals as freshly prepared and utterly delicious. The portion controlled servings are a great feature that helps dieters, like Lydia, enjoy good food at the right amount.

She also like BistroMD's customer support feature. Although she rarely called up the customer hotline for support, in times when she contacted, she was guided accordingly on how to deal with weight loss plateaus. The customer help support is very effective and provides adequate information to help dieters go through all phases of weight loss, dieting, and nutrition. Like Michael, Lydia likes that Bistro MD offers promotion codes to make their meal plans accessible to almost everybody.

In Conclusion

With restaurant quality food, nutritious meals, and portion controlled servings,prospective dieters find BistroMD meals appealing. Plenty of BistroMD's current customers are satisfied with not only their products and delivery service but their customer support services as well.

Another feature that most potential customers find attractive with BistroMD services is that anyone within their service area can avail of their products and other features without having to pay a joining fee. Plenty of current customers encourage dieters to try out BistroMD for their nutritious and tasty food, efficient delivery service, online platform that offers diet customization and consultation with nutrition experts, and superior customer service.

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