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BistroMD costs $130 if you choose the 5-day meal delivery plan, or $160 if you opt for the 7-day plan. Thankfully, Bistro MD coupons are available every month of the year.

BistroMD promo

BistroMD Reviews  - Michael and Lydia


Although there are varying results in terms of BistroMD reviews featured on Yelp, there are a number of people that find the food delivery service as exception and the team was even able to receive several five star ratings from a number of Yelp users. One of which is Michael L.

Michael gave BistroMD a five star rating. He noted that aside from great tasting food, which he highly recommends, the cost of food is also a big plus. Michael spends an average of USD 200 per week on food excluding snacks. He says that he spends an average of $45 per day on main meals alone.

BistroMD cost averages at USD 26 per day. And if you avail the Bistro MD coupon codes that you can find in sites like and RetailMeNot, the meals cost even less. As compared to Michael's daily spend of $45, the deal seems to be quite attractive. But its not only the price of the meals that Michael appreciates with this food delivery service company.

With BistroMD, Michael gets to enjoy restaurant quality meals that are portion controlled. The program is a great way to teach dieters on how to control food portions and the right amount of food per meal. Studies have found that when you divide your meals into small portions you will eat less and lose weight.


Lydia P is a BistroMD success story. With BistroMD Weight Loss Program, she was able to lose a remarkable 70 pounds! She finds Bistro MD meals as freshly prepared and utterly delicious. The portion controlled servings are a great feature that helps dieters, like Lydia, enjoy good food at the right amount.

She also like BistroMD's customer support feature. Although she rarely called up the customer hotline for support, in times when she contacted, she was guided accordingly on how to deal with weight loss plateaus. The customer help support is very effective and provides adequate information to help dieters go through all phases of weight loss, dieting, and nutrition. Like Michael, Lydia likes that Bistro MD offers promotion codes to make their meal plans accessible to almost everybody.

In Conclusion

With restaurant quality food, nutritious meals, and portion controlled servings,prospective dieters find BistroMD meals appealing. Plenty of BistroMD's current customers are satisfied with not only their products and delivery service but their customer support services as well.

Another feature that most potential customers find attractive with BistroMD services is that anyone within their service area can avail of their products and other features without having to pay a joining fee. Plenty of current customers encourage dieters to try out BistroMD for their nutritious and tasty food, efficient delivery service, online platform that offers diet customization and consultation with nutrition experts, and superior customer service.

BistroMD is very similar to Check Diet to Go here.

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New Promo Codes For 

bioflavonoidsVitacost, the biggest online supplement store, has issued several promotional coupons for its customers, which apply to the majority of the products. Promo code vitacost gives a 10% - 20% discount. Apart from that, the company has many products in clearance which means 50% discount.

Bioflavonoids are a group of molecules that are found in different types of plants such as fruits and vegetables such as grape fruits , citrus fruits and many more others. They are also present in various beverages and everyday foods . Beverages that contain bioflavonoids include coffee , tea , and green tea.

Bioflavonoids are thought to promote good health , reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, and prevent the occurrence of premature aging . Although a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will certainly contain a lot of bioflavoids , You may need to include bioflavonoids supplements in your diet for more improved health . 

Health benefits of Biolavonoids 

-They act as antioxidants .

-Providing protection against heart disease.

-Help reduce the outward signs of aging.

- Help control blood pressure as well as cholesterol .

- Relieve premenstrual syndrome and menopause syndromes in women.

-Offer protection against certain cancers.

- support blood circulation.

-Treat allergies 

-Treat inflammatory conditions .

Bioflavonoids are sold as herbal supplements. They should not be used as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor.

People who stand to benefit more from taking bioflavonoid supplements

People with certain health problems such as gastrointestinal condition , which reduce nutrient absorption ,may not get enough bioflavonoids from their diet .Such people may be deficient in some types of bioflavonoids and may need to take these supplements. It is important to note that bioflavonoids do not have curative powers but scientific research show that they help improve health.

Which Bioflavonois are best to buy

When you are buying your bioflanovoid supplements, always choose products that contain a production code known Good Manufacturing practice(GMP).This ensures that you get the best quality of bioflavonois supplements.


-Do not take bioflavonoid supplement if you are allergic to them.

- If you are pregnant or you are intending to carry a pregnancy.

-If you are breastfeeding .

Most important , never start taking these supplements without informing your doctor.

Side Effects

There are a few allergic reactions that are associated with Bioflavonoid supplements including difficulty breathing , hives, swelling of the face , tongue , lips , or throat. If you experience any of these consult your doctor .

How to take bioflavonoids

You should always follow your doctor’s instructions or as directed on the packager.

Take your supplements with a full glass of water .

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Without Diet to Go coupons, many people who want to lose weight and join this popular weight loss meal delivery program wouldn't be able to do so. Discounts for DiettoGo make the program more affordable as they save you 25-30% off the original price.

DiettoGo coupons

Alan, Amy and Darla tried Diet to Go and had weight loss success. Let's see their stories.


Miami, Florida

Alan is a 23 year old man looking for a better solution to his unhealthy lifestyle. Alan’s realization that his weight was too much to handle was just the first step for him in the right direction. He wanted to turn his life around and for the better, which is when Alan found this information and learned about Diet to Go. Being a consultant and being on the road four days a week really made Diet to Go easy for Alan. The meals were preplanned as well as ready to eat which made this even easier for Alan to keep on hand with work. Because Diet to Go offers small size meals Alan quickly was able to learn portion control and what his body needed rather than what he wanted. Msn has an informative article about portion control. Not only did Alan lose weight through the Diet to Go plan but he also gained energy. He now currently and regularly does triathlons and marathons and leads the healthy lifestyle that he always wanted to live.



Reston, Virginia

Amy was constantly feeling exhausted in her 300 pound body. Running around chasing toddlers all day made it hard for her to find the time that she needed to take care of herself. Diet to Go made life easier to maintain and lose the weight with preplanned meals and gave her the energy that she needed. And it didn't cost her much. She used Diet to Go discount coupons to pay only $6 per meal. Amy has lost 99 pounds and started hitting the gym with the extra energy she had from Diet-to-Go. Because of the weight loss Amy has set a new foundation for her healthy lifestyle



Denver, Iowa

Darla had previously been suffering from tension headaches and wanted to do something productive about the way that she was feeling. She thought that losing weight might be a way to help her feel better. Darla found Diet to Go online and started instantly. She used the 25% off coupon code for Diet to Go and started with the larger calorie plan. A few weeks later she worked her way down to the smaller calorie meal plan. As time went on and Darla found herself losing weight she started adding exercise to her diet and now is working on strength training. After two years of the healthier lifestyle Darla hasn’t had the daily tension headaches, and enjoys shopping for new clothes, one of her most hated things to do before joining

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Weight Watchers started 50 years ago, and since then its core values have not changed. The program has two branches. Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers Meetings. You choose the one that suits you best. Those who would rather join Meetings have an opportunity to save 30%  this spring.

Weight Watchers Meetings - Save 30%

The main benefit of Meetings is that you get direct guidance from a trained coach who used to be overweight and struggle like you.  Now, you can save 30% with this coupon code for weight watchers meetings. For the latest Weight Watchers promo codes go to Deal Catcher. Check also SlickDeals.

Weight Watchers Simple Start Explained




“I want to lose weight.... but I love to eat these and that.” Bet you have said this on your self, right? I, too have been going through this dilemma of wanting to lose weight but couldn’t give up the habit of eating the things I like. Then, this program came; the “Simple Start” from Weight Watchers. “Weight Loss Your Way,” yes, you got it right. Losing weight at your own terms. Isn’t that great? I myself believe that this is a unique and excellent program where you will not be deprived of what you want to eat. So, now, here we are with Janay Green from Slice of Slim, and Louise talking about this great weight loss program.

Cheney: Hello my name is Louise from Youtube channel “Sprinkler of Glitter,” where I talk all about BT, baby and lifestyle, and today, I’m here with me Cheney Green who’s going to tell me all about Simple Start part from Weight Watchers; what it’s about how wet. I know a lot of people that have been watching it and really enjoyed it. So I’m here to learn more and see if it’s right for me. 

Jenny: Thank you very much for being here to talk to me. 

Cheney: Yeah, I really appreciate it; I don’t know a great deal about Weight Watchers and, you have done it super well on and you look great for it. 

Jenny: Thank you...

Cheney: I’d love to hear what you have to say a little bit more.

Jenny: Okay, what do you know anything about the way it just works like that?

Cheney: I have heard a few bits about it, heard about things like, points and counting for that which at the moment I find flatly don’t. 

Jenny: Yeah, yeah, in a month’s time.

Cheney: But I’ve seen people have great success, and I like the idea that it’s not actually a diet, because I’m happy with myself and never seeking out a diet, but I would like to live a healthy lifestyle .

Jenny: I don’t even think of Weight Watchers as a diet because I think it’s much more about a lifestyle change and it is for life as well; it’s not just about losing weight for certain event; it’s about making those changes and learning to eat healthfully, learning to eat, filling foods, but with some treats into them as well.

Cheney: So tell me a little bit more about what the simple thought might actually is?

Jenny: Okay, well it is literally what it says it is. It is a simple start for new members, for existing members who might want to just boost what they’re doing, learn a bit more about from the healthy and filling foods.

Cheney: Okay.

Jenny: So that they don’t have to count measure away, any of the foods on the plan, which is amazing.

Cheney: I do love things like pizza, and cheese, and pasta, so...

Jenny: That’s good news, 

Cheney: Oh, is it?

Jenny: Yeah, it’s good news. Because, there are ways that we can accommodate your favorite food into this plan. 

Cheney: Okay.

Jenny: So if you decide to go ahead with it, I’ll show you; I thought you know, I brought you some goodies. So, it’s quite a lot.

Cheney: Yeah, it’s good!

Jenny: Yeah, it may be surprising if things like, crumpets in there, potatoes.

Cheney: I see chocolate things.

Jenny: Oh, yes yes, treats, you cannot wait. What you thought “I couldn’t get them cause I’m in a meeting, but she’s yummy. “ And it was quite nice today; this little book is what they purchased. And the brilliant thing is, while you are getting familiar with it or even, you know, while you’re doing simple start, this is where you could get out shopping these things in the back here, pop that in your bag.

Cheney: This is everything I need.

Jenny: When you get tempted to buy things that weren’t on economy, you’re gonna be putting such good food into your body. You got all the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables, protein in the ham, and chicken and things like that which actually do help keep a lot as well as I had a protein at breakfast, saying egg, crumpet or something like that. You will find that you will go through that morning until lunch time and you feel much fuller. I still go to my meeting every week because we just exchanged so much ideas and we talk about things that we’ve made that week and how we feel and..

Cheney: Well that’s pretty encouraging. 

Jenny: It’s brilliant and it’s a great online community as well. So that’s really helpful.

Cheney: Well, thank you very much for talking to me about that. Definitely it felt very interesting. Would it be okay if I kept this booklet and have a little look through it?

Jenny: Absolutely! I’d love you to take it away, have a good look through it.

Cheney: Oh, thank you very much!  

Jenny: Your welcome! 

Cheney: I have really enjoyed meeting Jenny today and that is all about the simple stuff about the Simple Start plan for Weight Watchers. I was really impressed with the range of foods that you can have in unlimited quantities. So, that’s definitely encouraging and I’m looking forward to going home reading that book, then deciding for something I would like to do.