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Weight Watchers Simple Start Explained




“I want to lose weight.... but I love to eat these and that.” Bet you have said this on your self, right? I, too have been going through this dilemma of wanting to lose weight but couldn’t give up the habit of eating the things I like. Then, this program came; the “Simple Start” from Weight Watchers. “Weight Loss Your Way,” yes, you got it right. Losing weight at your own terms. Isn’t that great? I myself believe that this is a unique and excellent program where you will not be deprived of what you want to eat. So, now, here we are with Janay Green from Slice of Slim, and Louise talking about this great weight loss program.

Cheney: Hello my name is Louise from Youtube channel “Sprinkler of Glitter,” where I talk all about BT, baby and lifestyle, and today, I’m here with me Cheney Green who’s going to tell me all about Simple Start part from Weight Watchers; what it’s about how wet. I know a lot of people that have been watching it and really enjoyed it. So I’m here to learn more and see if it’s right for me. 

Jenny: Thank you very much for being here to talk to me. 

Cheney: Yeah, I really appreciate it; I don’t know a great deal about Weight Watchers and, you have done it super well on and you look great for it. 

Jenny: Thank you...

Cheney: I’d love to hear what you have to say a little bit more.

Jenny: Okay, what do you know anything about the way it just works like that?

Cheney: I have heard a few bits about it, heard about things like, points and counting for that which at the moment I find flatly don’t. 

Jenny: Yeah, yeah, in a month’s time.

Cheney: But I’ve seen people have great success, and I like the idea that it’s not actually a diet, because I’m happy with myself and never seeking out a diet, but I would like to live a healthy lifestyle .

Jenny: I don’t even think of Weight Watchers as a diet because I think it’s much more about a lifestyle change and it is for life as well; it’s not just about losing weight for certain event; it’s about making those changes and learning to eat healthfully, learning to eat, filling foods, but with some treats into them as well.

Cheney: So tell me a little bit more about what the simple thought might actually is?

Jenny: Okay, well it is literally what it says it is. It is a simple start for new members, for existing members who might want to just boost what they’re doing, learn a bit more about from the healthy and filling foods.

Cheney: Okay.

Jenny: So that they don’t have to count measure away, any of the foods on the plan, which is amazing.

Cheney: I do love things like pizza, and cheese, and pasta, so...

Jenny: That’s good news, 

Cheney: Oh, is it?

Jenny: Yeah, it’s good news. Because, there are ways that we can accommodate your favorite food into this plan. 

Cheney: Okay.

Jenny: So if you decide to go ahead with it, I’ll show you; I thought you know, I brought you some goodies. So, it’s quite a lot.

Cheney: Yeah, it’s good!

Jenny: Yeah, it may be surprising if things like, crumpets in there, potatoes.

Cheney: I see chocolate things.

Jenny: Oh, yes yes, treats, you cannot wait. What you thought “I couldn’t get them cause I’m in a meeting, but she’s yummy. “ And it was quite nice today; this little book is what they purchased. And the brilliant thing is, while you are getting familiar with it or even, you know, while you’re doing simple start, this is where you could get out shopping these things in the back here, pop that in your bag.

Cheney: This is everything I need.

Jenny: When you get tempted to buy things that weren’t on economy, you’re gonna be putting such good food into your body. You got all the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables, protein in the ham, and chicken and things like that which actually do help keep a lot as well as I had a protein at breakfast, saying egg, crumpet or something like that. You will find that you will go through that morning until lunch time and you feel much fuller. I still go to my meeting every week because we just exchanged so much ideas and we talk about things that we’ve made that week and how we feel and..

Cheney: Well that’s pretty encouraging. 

Jenny: It’s brilliant and it’s a great online community as well. So that’s really helpful.

Cheney: Well, thank you very much for talking to me about that. Definitely it felt very interesting. Would it be okay if I kept this booklet and have a little look through it?

Jenny: Absolutely! I’d love you to take it away, have a good look through it.

Cheney: Oh, thank you very much!  

Jenny: Your welcome! 

Cheney: I have really enjoyed meeting Jenny today and that is all about the simple stuff about the Simple Start plan for Weight Watchers. I was really impressed with the range of foods that you can have in unlimited quantities. So, that’s definitely encouraging and I’m looking forward to going home reading that book, then deciding for something I would like to do.