Diet to Go Stories and Coupons: Alan, Amy, and Darla

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Without Diet to Go coupons, many people who want to lose weight and join this popular weight loss meal delivery program wouldn't be able to do so. Discounts for DiettoGo make the program more affordable as they save you 25-30% off the original price.

DiettoGo coupons

Alan, Amy and Darla tried Diet to Go and had weight loss success. Let's see their stories.


Miami, Florida

Alan is a 23 year old man looking for a better solution to his unhealthy lifestyle. Alan’s realization that his weight was too much to handle was just the first step for him in the right direction. He wanted to turn his life around and for the better, which is when Alan found this information and learned about Diet to Go. Being a consultant and being on the road four days a week really made Diet to Go easy for Alan. The meals were preplanned as well as ready to eat which made this even easier for Alan to keep on hand with work. Because Diet to Go offers small size meals Alan quickly was able to learn portion control and what his body needed rather than what he wanted. Msn has an informative article about portion control. Not only did Alan lose weight through the Diet to Go plan but he also gained energy. He now currently and regularly does triathlons and marathons and leads the healthy lifestyle that he always wanted to live.



Reston, Virginia

Amy was constantly feeling exhausted in her 300 pound body. Running around chasing toddlers all day made it hard for her to find the time that she needed to take care of herself. Diet to Go made life easier to maintain and lose the weight with preplanned meals and gave her the energy that she needed. And it didn't cost her much. She used Diet to Go discount coupons to pay only $6 per meal. Amy has lost 99 pounds and started hitting the gym with the extra energy she had from Diet-to-Go. Because of the weight loss Amy has set a new foundation for her healthy lifestyle



Denver, Iowa

Darla had previously been suffering from tension headaches and wanted to do something productive about the way that she was feeling. She thought that losing weight might be a way to help her feel better. Darla found Diet to Go online and started instantly. She used the 25% off coupon code for Diet to Go and started with the larger calorie plan. A few weeks later she worked her way down to the smaller calorie meal plan. As time went on and Darla found herself losing weight she started adding exercise to her diet and now is working on strength training. After two years of the healthier lifestyle Darla hasn’t had the daily tension headaches, and enjoys shopping for new clothes, one of her most hated things to do before joining