Fitness Tips For Women – From An Indian Expert

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A few decades ago, it was normal for a woman to stay at home to take care of the house and kids. Nowadays, more and more women are entering the workforce. Such a move for women may be considered bold by many.


On the downside, women are now exposed to a higher stress level and busy schedules. Oftentimes, health takes a back-seat. Some women completely ignore their body's need to revitalize and refresh. This is one of the major reasons why heart diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis in women are on the rise. If you are smart, you will heed the warnings of the statistics. It is time to learn how to balance the demands of work and your body.


An Expert's Voice

Ms. Althea Shah is a Vice President of Gold's Gym India and a fitness expert herself. She is well aware of the growing problem, and that is why she is never shy about promoting the importance of fitness in women. This article is largely based on the tips she provides.

Getting Started

Most people think that doing heavy lifting and running for an hour is fitness. Fitness is more than that. Fitness is about cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength.

Fitness can be broken down into 5 major components:

  • Body Composition - what your body is made-up of
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - the health condition and stamina of your heart
  • Muscular Strength - the strength of your body
  • Muscular Endurance - the ability of your muscle to sustain prolonged physical activities
  • Flexibility - your body's ability move in different positions

Ms. Althea Shah strongly suggests that you work on each component in order to increase the level of your fitness. To get you started, below are a few tips:

Tips From An Expert

  • Learn - having an open mind and learning is a key principle in fitness. Avoid subscribing to a single dogma. Do your research and expand your knowledge. Continue to test, incorporate what's working, and take out what's not. Refine your routine and method, and you will be fitter in lesser time.
  • Rest Well - fitness is certainly not about exhausting yourself to death. It's about listening to your body. If you are not too energetic or your energy level is too low, then listen to what your body is telling you. Take a few days, or even a week, off.
  • Cardio - your reason for doing fitness may be shaping your body or improving general health. No matter the reason, it's highly advised that you incorporate a good cardio workout. Cardio can improve endurance, increases breathing capacity, exercises your heart and improves blood flow.
  • Strength training - strength training is like hitting many birds with one stone, and that is why you should incorporate it. Strength training reduces risk of developing osteoporosis, increases muscle mass and strengthens connective tissues and bones. It also increases your metabolism.

As more and more women are adopting a busier lifestyle with hectic schedules, the importance of fitness should not be ignored. Remember, “Health is wealth”. Without health, all of your of efforts are next to meaningless. Therefore, strive to have a balance between fitness, work and other responsibilities.