How To Use A Promo Code Vitacost For Bioflavonoids

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bioflavonoidsVitacost, the biggest online supplement store, has issued several promotional coupons for its customers, which apply to the majority of the products. Promo code vitacost gives a 10% - 20% discount. Apart from that, the company has many products in clearance which means 50% discount.

Bioflavonoids are a group of molecules that are found in different types of plants such as fruits and vegetables such as grape fruits , citrus fruits and many more others. They are also present in various beverages and everyday foods . Beverages that contain bioflavonoids include coffee , tea , and green tea.

Bioflavonoids are thought to promote good health , reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, and prevent the occurrence of premature aging . Although a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will certainly contain a lot of bioflavoids , You may need to include bioflavonoids supplements in your diet for more improved health . 

Health benefits of Biolavonoids 

-They act as antioxidants .

-Providing protection against heart disease.

-Help reduce the outward signs of aging.

- Help control blood pressure as well as cholesterol .

- Relieve premenstrual syndrome and menopause syndromes in women.

-Offer protection against certain cancers.

- support blood circulation.

-Treat allergies 

-Treat inflammatory conditions .

Bioflavonoids are sold as herbal supplements. They should not be used as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor.

People who stand to benefit more from taking bioflavonoid supplements

People with certain health problems such as gastrointestinal condition , which reduce nutrient absorption ,may not get enough bioflavonoids from their diet .Such people may be deficient in some types of bioflavonoids and may need to take these supplements. It is important to note that bioflavonoids do not have curative powers but scientific research show that they help improve health.

Which Bioflavonois are best to buy

When you are buying your bioflanovoid supplements, always choose products that contain a production code known Good Manufacturing practice(GMP).This ensures that you get the best quality of bioflavonois supplements.


-Do not take bioflavonoid supplement if you are allergic to them.

- If you are pregnant or you are intending to carry a pregnancy.

-If you are breastfeeding .

Most important , never start taking these supplements without informing your doctor.

Side Effects

There are a few allergic reactions that are associated with Bioflavonoid supplements including difficulty breathing , hives, swelling of the face , tongue , lips , or throat. If you experience any of these consult your doctor .

How to take bioflavonoids

You should always follow your doctor’s instructions or as directed on the packager.

Take your supplements with a full glass of water .

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